Jennifer “Jaki” Johnson


Letter to my Chic Jetsetters:

Hi Chic Jetsetters! I am so happy that you are visiting our website and learning more about the brand. Jetsetter Chic is all about you! It is the ONLY travel lifestyle brand for female jetsetters that puts them at the forefront of travel! Edgy, chic, classy, and smart are what we exude. We are world citizens, sophisticated thinkers, and global change makers. We travel for work because our job demands it and at times we travel for pleasure. We are women from all areas of life who travel as business executives, entrepreneurs, and flight crew. Simply put, travel is our lifestyle. We are going places and making it happen!

I came up with this idea in 2014 when I first started flying as a flight attendant. I noticed on my flights that travel brands and products were heavily marketed to men while women were generally overlooked. I also saw that with constant travel I was always in search of the right products in between flights that would help with the stress of traveling. Female passengers would ask me about the best products to use when traveling and if they were TSA-Compliant. I put the idea on hold after getting accepted to Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City to focus on travel news. I spent two years flying from Atlanta to New York every week to complete the program. Now after receiving a Masters degree and visiting 23 countries, Jetsetter Chic was finally launched in November 2018.

I look forward to building a relationship with all my Chic Jetsetters by saving you time from shopping for travel necessities, bringing you the best in travel trends, and keeping you Jetsetter Chic. The future of airline travel is female!  

Fun Facts about me: I have climbed the Teotihuacan pyramids of Mexico, went underground to see real diamonds of Colombia, and swam with sharks in the Dominican Republic! I received my undergraduate degree from Spelman College and was a featured reporter on CBS Radio, Cox Radio, and Cumulus Media.

From my desk in the blue sky,

Jennifer “Jaki” Johnson

CEO/Founder, Jetsetter Chic


Eliana Betzios


Eliana landed her first plane at ten years old! Since then she has traveled to over ten countries and four out of seven continents. Growing up with a dad as a pilot, let’s say this gal is not a newbie to traveling! We can all agree, that flying has been a part of her DNA since she was born. With a diverse background working with new brands she knows how to move a brand from concept to execution with her sleek advising strategies. When she learned about our brand concept, she immediately fell in love with Jetsetter Chic and has been advising us ever since on our brand development. This jetsetter and brand advisor holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry with a minor in Business Administration from High Point University. Fun fact: Eliana’s favorite tv show is NCIS!


Rose Tornandeso


Rose is a Filipina writer and social media manager who can't live without strong coffee. When she's not chasing deadlines, she plays legos with her son and visits art galleries. Before joining the social media craze, she received her Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) from the National Teachers College where she majored in English. This up and coming jetsetter plans to travel to Amsterdam and London.

Becca Bond.jpg

Becca Bond


Becca is indeed the camera whisperer. She knows how to make it do what it do! As a SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) graduate, she has taken her B.F.A in photography to all kinds of heights. Becca has worked with major subscription boxes such as Sparkle, Hustle, Grow and All Girl Shave Club, to name a few. She has seen mostly all of the U.S.A. by traveling to 30 out of 52 states. She has also had her share of international travel where she went to Mexico and St. Lucia. Becca’s dream place is to travel to the village where her family comes from in Tuscany, Italy. When Becca is not behind the lens, she is a yoga teacher. Her word of advice to all our Chic Jetsetters is to apply zen to your travels by taking breaths in the airport!